10 songs for physics based starters (part 2)

In a new series, along side clips to show in science lessons I plan to include various songs (some intentional some not) that can be used for starters in lessons. Ideas for how these could be used:

  •  These can be played as students enter the classroom.
  • Act as an introduction to the upcoming lesson/topic.
  • A  ‘guess’ what the lesson is all about.
  • Write down as many keywords in the song for topic on mini white boards
  • Using the tune rewrite the lyrics to fit…….

The first top 10 can be found here:

The second batch of 10 songs to use as Physics starters are:

  1. Space – David Bowie – Life on Mars
  2. Space – David Bowie – Space Oddity
  3. Electricity – Schoolhouse Rock – Electricity  
  4. Power – Snap – I’ve got the power
  5. Electricity – AC/DC – High Voltage
  6. Electricity – Electric Six – Danger! high voltage
  7. Forces – They Might be Giants – Speed and Velocity
  8. Terminal Velocity – Tom Petty – Free Fallin’
  9. Particles – CERN – Large Hadron Rap
  10. Radiation – Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Chemistry/ Biology to come next……..


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