10 youtube channels every science teacher needs to be aware of (part 2)

https://www.youtube.com/user/NakedScientistsOver the last few years I found youtube to be invaluable in my teaching and learning toolkit. There are not many lessons that cant have a decent youtube clip embedded into it, or a flipped learning activity based around a youtube video. I imagine most science teachers are aware of most of these, but they are well worth checking out to help engage learners in this modern world. In no particular order – part 2 channels include: (part 1 here)

  1. Naked Scientists 
  2. Acapella Scientists
  3. Helen Arney
  4. The Royal Institution
  5. Institute of Physics
  6. Brit Lab and Greg Foot
  7. Mr Parr Science Videos
  8. Steve Spangler Science
  9. Medical Mavericks TV
  10. FuseSchool

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