10 songs for physics based starters (part 1)

In a new series, along side clips to show in science lessons I plan to include various songs (some intentional some not) that can be used for starters in lessons. Ideas for how these could be used:

  •  These can be played as students enter the classroom.
  • Act as an introduction to the upcoming lesson/topic.
  • A  ‘guess’ what the lesson is all about.
  • Write down as many keywords in the song for topic on mini white boards
  • Using the tune rewrite the lyrics to fit…….

The first top 10 – are Physics starters:

  1. Waves/reflection – Michael Jackson – Man in the mirror
  2. Pressure – Queen – Under Pressure
  3. Big Bang – Barenaked Ladies – History of everything
  4. Space/Forces – Elton John – Rocket Man
  5. The Sun/Fusion – They might be giants – Why does the sun shine
  6. The Universe – Katie Melua (+ Simon Singh) – Nine million bicycles
  7. CERN/Higgs – Nick Cave & the bad seeds – Higgs Boson blues
  8. Fission – Diana Ross – Chain Reaction
  9. Star lifecycles – Moby – We are all made of stars
  10. The universe/Galaxy – Stephen Hawkings/Monty Python feat. Brian Cox – The Galaxy Song

I will be adding more in due course. Contact me if you want to add any of your own.


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