Top Ten Tips for a remote interview

Having a remote interview by Zoom / Skype or Microsoft Teams can be a stressful affair. I am no expert but the following top ten tips may help you.

1. The Email Address make sure the email address the school will use to send you the invite to join the interview is professional and appropriate

2. Location Think where your computer / laptop will be. What else will on view in the background. Think where the light is coming into the room as well. If you a light on, does it reflect in a photo in shot?

3. Prep Do your background as normal and download the programme as part of this. This may help with this. Get that job, interview success – a 3 minute quick read.

4. App/ Device Sound Levels.  Try the programme out. Zoom has a system where it can test the microphone and speakers. I had to change laptop as the microphone was rubbish.

5. Practice Zooming: Ask a friend / family member to zoom  with you so you can understand how it works/how you are invited/ what happens when you join / how it ends / what the frame on the screen looks like.

6. Practice Speaking / Presentations: I found the ‘record’ option useful on zoom. I had to do a presentation so I found timing it and recording it, and then playing it back very useful.

7. Dress wear what you do if you were going to go to school. Even if you are at home, wear shoes.

8. Water In most interviews you are often water, I found it useful to have a glass water next to me

9. Notes As you are at home, why not have some key notes around the laptop and desk.

10. Camera When you practice see how you look when you look at the camera and at the person. If you look at the camera you are more than likely looking at the person.

I hope you have found this useful. It is also worth having a phone near by just in case.

I wish you the best of luck in your interview.

Let me know if this has helped.




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