2019: A edu-reflection of my blog

Last year I posted this at the end of 2018. In which I was pleased to get 3,000 blog views.


2019 was an even better year. I ran CPD as a SLE for NQTs, I was asked by a University to talk to their whole cohort PGCE student teachers and asked by to write a case study in her new book Retrieval Practice. In terms of my blog, I published 20 new blogs on a range of topics and in some months got more views that I had done in the previous 2 years.
In total the blog managed just under 24,000 views; the top 10 blogs read were:

20 Ideas for student led retrieval practice. This blog alone achieved more reads than all by previous blog posts since I started blogging.

20 starter activities to stretch & challenge students

20 ideas & strategies for Student Led Dual Coding

10 Activities for tutor time (part 1)

A to Z of Science Teachers on Twitter

A to Z of Cognitive Science

10 ways to embed retrieval practice into your lessons!

Top 10 Teacher Time-Saving Hacks

How To Solve A Problem Like….Homework

10 Research Papers on Retrieval Practice.

Here’s to a great 2020.

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