Seneca Learning: The Start of the Journey…..

Seneca Learning: The start of the journey!

Back in the Summer of 2018 I came across a tweet mentioning Seneca Learning. After a quick investigation I found out it was free! I signed up and was hooked. I spent a long time trying out the courses and reading why Seneca was going to be a game changer. In this day and age where evidence informed teaching and learning is taking centre stage (and rightly so), Seneca is the prologue. If you have not sign up or heard of Seneca, this is why you should.

  • Seneca uses and applies the latest cognitive science to help students learn, revise and improve learning
  • Seneca can be used to set “self marking” assignments that could be used as home work
  • Seneca claims: Our groundbreaking research involved 1,120 students and was published in the peer reviewed academic journal IMPACT. We showed that students learn 2x faster using Seneca compared to a revision guide.

As soon as I signed up, I booked some computer rooms and got my year 11 to sign up. They immediately loved it, and there were lots of positive comments about how they enjoyed it, were engaged with it and how it helped them with their learning.

Fast forward a few months to the summer and I was asked author some content for Seneca’s KS3 Science courses. I relished this challenge, not only as it helped consolidate my own subject knowledge and allowed me to reflect on my on practice but also I knew that it would help so many students from around the country master KS3 Science.

I was very keen to collaborate with Seneca Learning further, and requested my information about becoming a pioneer school. I took this information to my Headteacher and it was agreed I could lead the project.

Next Time: What happened next………

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