Beginning my leadership Journey (A to Z)

In recent months I have been planning my step up from middle to senior leadership. I have purchased a few books on the matter, read blogs and asked many current senior leaders their thoughts.

To help get some of my thoughts in order I thought I would create my own personal leadership A to Z. I am sure I have missed something out and I certain that your A to Z would be different however if you are starting or settled in to senior leadership you may find some of these ideas a refresher. (I apologise if some letters have more than one letter – When I review the post I will decide on the more important, however I don’t think it hurts at this stage).

I would be interest to hear your thoughts and your A to Z

A Accountable & Approachable to all – aids Alignment

B Belief the why behind the strategy, the passion for moving forward

C Conversations & Communication including the difficult ones

D Delegate in order to COACH and Develop for Direction & PURPOSE

E Encouragement praise and support to get the best from people

F Future read & keep an eye out on education developments & changes

G Good role model for all staff, students and the community

H Honesty, Humanity & Humility show I care and TRUST others

I Inspire teams through Integrity & Innovation & Impact

J Jocular be myself and keep my sense of humour when things go wrong

K Know my school vision & know my team(s) vision

L Leadership Styles know my style! Autocratic, Democratic (Plant)

M Moral Purpose/Compass be fair for what is right & wrong

N Nourish to raise standards for students and CPD for staff

O Organise know my own and teams strengths and weaknesses

P Proactive & Pragmatic be visible, walk to not away from trouble

Q Quo, Status Quo think ouside the box how to solve problems

R Risks continue to take risks but with Respect

S Strategic Leadership know the plan, share the vision

T Trust The Team and focus on improvement and development

U Useful & Unassuming treat others how I like to be treated

V Vision be clear on the why and where! make it visible to all

W Why? what is the belief and vision behind the change?

X Xenial be proud and be welcoming

Y Yearning keep desiring to learn and improve

Z Zenith always strive to be better and improve

If you are interested in school leadership and on twitter, I will be posting more about my journey if and when I get there:

I also recommend following:





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