10 Activities for tutor time (part 1)

Many tutors are short of time to think of activities to do with their tutor group. Below are 10 ideas that you could pick up in a seconds notice.

  1. There are some amazing Ted-Ed videos each 5 minutes (ish) long and could provoke discussion and extension work after they have been watched. The videos are on a wide range of subjects, I would be surprised if there was not a clip that does not spark interest in a student. Check them out here
  2. Linked to crime, punishment and citizenship – these scenarios could take a week ot so to go through and discuss
  3. Newsround quiz of the week
  4. Learn and master this  trick
  5. Use this amazing website
  6. Get students in pairs and they create a ten question quiz they present to the rest of the tutees – keep a league of results.
  7. Plenty of riddles and optical illusions here
  8. Again linked to crime, punishment and citizenship – you be the judge is brilliant interactive website that will engage all learners
  9. Linked to Geography – memorise all countries in the world – why not start with Africa?
  10. Linked to the above! challenge your tutor group to memorise the periodic table – learning to learn will use skills students will use for life

Know any more- let me know for part 2



Featured image thanks to https://www.goconqr.com/en/examtime/blog/back-to-school-ideas-for-teachers/


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