T&L Ideas Shared at S4S5, Science INSET day

As part of the programme of activities for colleagues attending S4S5 day in science,  we wanted to run a competition. Thank you for all organisations that donated a prize or two and thank you to all the colleagues that took part.

The competition designed by involved colleagues networking and talking to 5 different teachers from 5 different schools to collect and write down 5 teaching and learning ideas on a form. These forms were then put into a tombola and drawn during the closing keynote speeches and various prizes given out. Earlier in the day I ran a discussion on what we are doing in our departments for KS3 Science.

Below is an overview of the T&L ideas that colleagues suggested (I s4s1have attempted to order them):

Marking & Homework

  • Use homework booklets
  • Use a 1-20 marking grid template
  • Use a whole school HW booklet (1 subject = month so each subject would have about 3 a year)
  • Mark with code letters – No comments
  • Ready made codes – use highlighters
  • Use red, amber + green trays for students to put HW in for easy AFL
  • Use self and peer assessed HWs

Assessment and Revision

  • Use post it notes to write exam questions on – students have a snowball fight to answer
  • Put exam questions around room – students have 5 minutes per double page spread
  • Separate end of topic questions in PLC sections so students can identify strengths and weaknesses. Teacher can track intervention.
  • Use invisible key words
  • Use Socrative [app]
  • Prepared booklets for topics
  • Intervention groups to work with LSA/TA
  • Use mock data & compare to AQA data & then make up grade boundaries
  • Start “GCSE” from Y7
  • Levels Vs Words
  • Use A3 revision sheets then students add to it in small groups


  • Have a question box for students to use to pose any science based questions. These can be used as a plenary.
  • Use ‘devise’ questions with triple scientists
  • “Virtual whiteboard” for recall
  • Students develop own questions for topics (Quiz, Quiz, Trade)
  • Here is the question what is the answer
  • Create higher order questions
  • Colour code lolly sticks for experiment extension – green state control variable and red evaluate etc.
  • Ignore the experts


  • Use lab books
  • Use food to model EG egg cell pizzas
  • Using jellyfish in acids and alkalis lesson
  • Olive oil condom
  • Reuben’s Tube
  • Use datalogger for momentum
  • Use a Frisbee when teaching momentum
  • STEM robots
  • Rainbow Fizz experiment
  • Cookie Mining (Quarrying)
  • Use Ipads to take pictures of learning moments for books
  • Different practicals in KS3 to GCSE
  • Use playdoh to create blood
  • Soap molecule bubbles – hydrophilic and hydrophobic

How Science Works

  • Plot straight to graphs and ignore tables
  • Move from describe to explain a graph
  • Look, cover, write & check equations
  • Students create own question from graphs using given command words to learn the difference between them

All other Teaching and Learning

  • Use I.D.E.A.L as plenary (Identify, Describe, Explain, Analyse/Apply, Link)
  • Kung Fu circuit symbols and Tai Chi graphs (Capra Physics)
  • Use Wordament [app] as a starter
  • Use Hexagon picture link to develop and consolidate ideas
  • Use masses in a box for a counterweight
  • Visual Imagery puzzles for engaging starters
  • Use specialist teachers from Year 7
  • Take part in I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here
  • Repetition to help retain
  • Use of virtual whiteboards
  • Use of Images as starters
  • STEM club to run over a half term instead of 1 a week
  • Space exploration [apps]
  • Get STEM contacts
  • Using cancer to help teach cell division
  • Using Doddle
  • Use Plickers [app] for instant feedback
  • Use Bristol/Bath university out reach (spectroscopy in a suitcase)
  • Mindfulness
  • Twitter – expert groups for lower sets
  • Don’t use textbooks



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