Joining the Dark Side

A few years ago I received an email from TES a publication and website I am sure every UK teacher is familiar with. The content asked me to submit some resources to their premium collection. These resources made by TES authors were not going to be free to download but you would have to pay for them. I had already posted some popular TES resources – my cross curricular storyboard and science investigation writing frame that I had made in my PGCE and NQT year(s) were my most successful resources (at the time of publication of this blog they have been downloaded over 100,000 times between them).

I owed a massive debt of gratitude to TES and those teachers that uploaded resources – they contributed heavily to my survival and sanity in my early teaching career. I hope the resources I have uploaded have helped others in the same way. So when I read the email at first I wasn’t sure about having to charge for resources, let alone pay for them. The way the email read, it seemed I was chosen to be part of the trial run, so I decided to upload 3 resources. These resources I put a lot more effort into than the rest of my uploaded resources but I still didn’t want to charge, so I opted for the minimum amount £1.

I didn’t add any more resources until October 2016 when I start to make my foldable resources and I then added the Earth foldable on to the premium resource – which can be seen here. I was torn at this stage,  as deep down I believe that resources could and should be shared for free, however the extra bit of income would benefit me and my family however after TES have taken bits and pieces off there seems to be only a small % that comes to the author. I decided if I believed the resource was of good quality and did not infringe on any copywrite issues, when I would sell. But sell cheaply and fairly as a way of charging for a little of my time.

The resources I have placed on the TES premium authors shops are mostly my foldable collection. These resources often take hours, days and in some cases weeks and have accompanying worksheets that in total depending on the resource can last up to 3 lessons.

I have not stopped unloading free resources – I still upload lesson powerpoints, ideas, assembly ideas, CPD sessions and anything else under the free bracket but am still keen to make and sell premium resources, some of which I purely make for this purpose.

I see my f0ldable resources similar to how an author would see his book – there are plenty of book authors out there who write about their ideas (many of which are often relabelled and/or renamed to something else) and people happily purchase these. Many of these require the teacher to adapt the resources with TES premium resources they are ready to go, and should save time.

It is clear there is a lot of negativity to teachers that have opted to sell either on TES or TPT however nobody is forcing any teacher to buy these resources and quite often the colleague moaning that they are for sale does not offer any resources at all for free or premium. I have 100+ free resources which have been downloaded 150,000+ times, I have very few resources and I only make a few sales if any a day.

Some of my Popular resources include:

The foldable heart – perfect if you can not dissect in the lab

Like the heart dissection but a lungs version

You are also able to bundle resources together such as this and offer further discounts

All other resources can be found in the shop

I will on occasion blanket advertise and market my foldable resources on my Twitter account. If I do, do this it will only be when there is a sale or TES promotion in which there is a promo code to receive £3/5 free credit to your account. This means one you go on to and type in the promo code you can still “pay” and download the resource and it would not cost you a penny.







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