Interactive Foldable Periodic Table

I have been trying to create this resource for about 3 months – however all my other attempts were over complicated. Sometimes simple is better and more effective. At the time of writing I have not got much use of this, as I have already completed my periodic table topics however I think I will dig it out for revision etc.

The periodic is simple to use and put together the only downside is that the periodic table should replace the periodic tables given out in chemistry lessons mainly  due to the fact it is difficult to read the elements (the table has been modified from Students could still colour in selected groups/patterns/ions depending on the age group and need.

Suggested ways teachers can use  the table is that they add questions to the ‘flaps’ and students reply on the ‘base’ or the other way round. Students can also fill the spaces with facts related to the periodic table.

Some questions which could be used:

  • What do we call the elements of group 1/7/0?
  • Describe the reactivity in group 1/7/0?
  • Explain what group 1/7 have in common?
  • What are these metals called?
  • what are the properties of the transition metals/metals/non-metals?
  • What type of bonding……..?
  • The melting point…….
  • Density…………

The resource can be downloaded on my TES site – TRJ.

Enjoy the learning and teaching.


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