Science Foldable – The Earth


I have come across many ‘Interactive Science Notebooks’ on my travels through the web most of which are American and require payment. Lots of these ideas look simple to make so I have set a personal challenge to create as many of these type of resources as possible in my T&L.

Why – well I believe they encourage students to do ‘something’ when they look through their books so hopefully they will make recapping the learning more successful and fun.

At the start of the 2016-2017, I had to finish the last few lessons of the old spec AQA C1 with triple science Y11. The first lesson back was the Earth – normally I have got students to draw and annotate the Earth to recap learning. This year I decided on making a foldable interactive Earth students could stick in their books.

The actual design took a bit of time to think about and get right but it is very simple, and students can put it together in a short time period and then focus on the learning.




Since putting it on twitter, it has been more useful for Geographers than the Scientists but we are all #oneteam


The resource is currently discounted on my TES store


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